Who art thou, Romeo?

My dog Romeo is an 11 year old Shih-Poo with the soul, energy and sense of adventure of a 2 month old puppy. He now resides with me in Toronto, Ontario, but this wasn’t always the case. Here’s Romeo’s story.

My family adopted Romeo when he was 4 months old from a pet store in Mississauga (don’t worry, my next dog will come from the Humane Society). The plan was to pick one of the two, preferably a female puppy, and bring it home. Romeo and his sister lived together in a crate, and they were both so adorable it was hard to only pick one. In any event, we chose the female puppy, and left so the store owners could make her fluffy and ready to take home.

My family and I came back to the store to pick her up and my mom had told me to go get her from the crate. It was hard to tell them apart, so I chose the cleanest looking one and decided it was the right choice. I almost feel like this puppy chose me too, how do you say no to a smiling face? We left the store and were SO excited to finally bring home our sweet little girl, we felt the feeling was mutual. We named her Lola, because picking a name for a dog is so much harder than you actually think. The night consisted of getting her accustomed to her new place, and showering her with love and kisses, and living happily ever after.


The pet store owner called us the next day and said, “you took the wrong one, Lola is actually a boy”. Could you imagine our surprise? How did we fail to realize that Lola was in fact a boy? We realized there was no way “Lola” was going back to the store, he was just SO cute and such a silly puppy, I’m sure he was so thankful that he would be ours forever.

The day we found out that he was a boy actually happened to be the night of the Oscars (11 years ago). We scrambled to try and give him a more suitable, manly name, thus came Romeo. We collectively agreed that Romeo’s middle name would be Oscar, in honour of the Oscars – sometimes I find “Oscar” to be more suitable for him, because he reminds me of Oscar the grouch (the hair – not the personality). Ultimately, this doesn’t matter because he is our Romeo.

new puppy named Romeo
Featured: 2 year old Romeo. All other baby pictures were lost on an old computer years ago.

In the past 11 years, Romeo has been our family dog, moving with us from home to home in Mississauga. In September of 2015, my mom moved into a condo and felt it was best if Romeo came to live in Toronto with me – naturally, as did I. We packed up all of his things and relocated him downtown Toronto at the tender age of 10 – the peak of his life – and it’s been quite the adventure. In some respect, it’s helped me explore this beautiful city as well, one walk at a time.

Note: featured image courtesy of Etsy.

3 thoughts on “Who art thou, Romeo?

  1. The site seems to be working now! Love Romeo and he is a precious and lucky one to be now be living in Toronto with you! 🙂


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