This sock was made for walking

…And that’s just what he’ll do…

You’ll notice in many future posts that Romeo wears a sock on the daily. I get a lot of reactions walking down the street from adults like “oh poor little dog, why does he wear a sock?” or “you’re missing the other 3!” (clever – sooo clever)!

Most recently, this two-year-old girl said “look a sock! Why does he have a sock?” And truthfully, when it comes to kids, I usually tell a little white lie so that they don’t feel sad for asking – or better yet – go and ask their parents 1 million questions about something they might not want them to know anything about.

Most common answer: he has a cut.

Actual answer: a small tumour between the pads of his paw.

In September 2014, my family and I discovered a white mass between the pads of his right paw, which was slightly concerning. They ran some test on the substance inside the mass, and confirmed it was a tumour. This was really sad for us, me especially, because I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this tiny, happy little light of my life had a tumour. Did Romeo care? Nope.

My family isn’t one to be overly extensive with surgeries and treatments for animals because it can become extremely costly, but this situation was different. It’s really difficult to stand by and do nothing when the animal is in perfect health otherwise. So the decision was made, he would have a small surgery to remove the mass.

The surgery was completed in record timing (or so I thought), and we brought him home. He looked so funny with a big white bandage around his paw, it looked so similar to a boxing glove. His paw healed rather quickly, the bandage was off, but most importantly: the mass was gone.

Lets fast-forward a year to when he moved to the city with me, we discovered the tumour had come back, but this time more aggressively. It was woven in between the toes of his paw, and inoperable without having to remove a toe or the paw completely (depending on which option we chose). We chose not to operate, as maybe Romeo wouldn’t survive the surgery. Needless to say, I was so devastated. This may seem dramatic to non-animal lovers, or those who don’t understand that kind of bond, but I think my reaction was justified and acceptable. 

I decided that instead of putting Romeo down because of this tumour, I would just manage it until it’s unmanageable. After much trial and error, I came up with the solution of putting a bandage and a sock on him and taping it all up. They even have these cute little balloon contraptions that you can put on top of the sock for when it’s raining. I do this every day, and at first it was a struggle because Romeo didn’t want to cooperate, but now it’s SO worth it because I get to see his smiling face every day.

Cue happy tears:

Happy dog, dog with socks

The major downside? He has to sleep in a cone every night – but it’s still so cute, and he’s still so happy. I just can’t resist posting pictures of him in his cone.

Dog wearing cone




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