Comfy Cone: an injured dog’s comfiest sleep.


Game-changing, life-changing cone for dogs. I present: The Comfy Cone.

Drumroll please…The most exciting gift I’ve received for Romie, let me tell you. I recently went away on business and brought Romie to stay over at grandma’s (my mom’s). Low and behold – I forgot his cone; the most important accessory in Romie’s closet.

My gem of a mother went out to the store and bought this amazing thing called the Comfy Cone. It’s similar to a regular cone, but so much better. It attaches with velcro and adjusts to any size you need it. It’s super soft to touch and to lay on (I imagine…I’ve never laid on it, but I can confirm that it’s soft to the touch). This is game-changing because it allows your pet the opportunity to heal, yet keeps them safe at the same time.

It also takes away the incredible guilt you feel when you see those sad, cone-shamed puppy eyes glaring back at you. I feel good about putting Romie in the comfy cone because it’s like having his very own pillow, and not be hindered by hard plastic all night. Not to mention, I have the satisfaction of knowing that he won’t be eating his paw overnight – which allows me to worry less.

Some other great things about this cone: it has reflectors in case you need to use it outdoors, it’s easy to clean and wipe down, and conforms to doors so that your pet can get through. It’s also stair-friendly, Romeo approved!

There are tons and tons of benefits to using this cone, but for me it’s about having a safe device that allows my dog to heal, which ultimately is comforting for me because I know he’s not in any pain or discomfort when sleeping.


Some might look at this photo and think he looks super sad, but he’s actually half asleep and loving the fan blowing next to him.

Be sure to check out the amazing benefits of the Comfy Cone and watch the informative videos and awesome “how-to’s.”




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