Live in Toronto and swing life away

Since Romeo’s paw diagnosis, I made it my mission to make sure the remaining years of his life are the BEST ever. Naturally, this would lead me to think of the most ridiculous adventures to bring him on, and they usually happen when my boyfriend Steve is over, so lets begin!

We went for a walk all together on a beautiful evening right before the summer started. We always let Romeo (Romie, as you’ll notice I call him) run through the grass in the park because it’s pretty much his favourite thing ever. This particular time, I decided that Romie wanted an even more fun adventure – the swing.

Thankful for everyone’s sake of not being embarrassed there was no one in the park at this time. I casually lift Romie up into the swing, and thus began the (actual) best 30 seconds of his life (in my opinion, absolutely not in his).

The following images are the most accurate description of the situation. Initially, Romie was like “okay, this is cool, I can handle this”, but this went downhill rather quickly. See below:

dog in the park
Having so much fun swinging around.


dog in a swing
Is this over yet?


happy puppy
I think we’re done here, let me out.

This was only the beginning of my summertime plans for Romie, he will get SO many delicious treats for being such a cooperative dog. As always, he left with the biggest smile on his face.


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