Romie’s Summer 2016 must-reads

I’m still new at this dog blog business, but I’ve been a lover of dog/pet blogs for many years. This summer and the months leading up to it I’ve been particularly interested in must-do dog/pet activities around the city of Toronto. Reading various blogs and posts out there is encouraging and enticing, because there’s something super entertaining about reading everyone’s favourite pet adventures and the situations they ultimately find themselves in.

Speaking of adventure, reading these blogs listed below has let us to become more adventurous and creative in blog topics, as well accumulate a list of Romie’s favourite blogs.

Since Romie ultimately decides what he likes and doesn’t like, I give you:
Romie’s Summer 2016 must-reads.

Though not everything in these blogs in specifically related to Toronto or the summertime, we thought they were still worth a share. Be sure to check back because I will be updating this post regularly.

I love my dog more than my kids – This blog provides a ton of useful information from Dog Days of Summer Safety to Adoptable Pet of the Week. Plus – the name of the blog says it all. Dogs and kids are one in the same, right? 🙂

Scruffy dog photography – Some of the most candid and heartwarming photography is animal photography. This blog is an awesome source for capturing your pet’s most adventurous and spontaneous moments, or to simply gaze at some super cute animals.

Momo & Pinot – This super cute look into the lives and adventures of two pups is an easy, light, entertaining read.

Love that pet – There’s tons of really interesting content on this blog; from cute and funny posts to DIY and well-being. It’s definitely a go-to spot for any questions you may have or any fun activities you want to do.

Paw curious – A very engaging pet and lifestyle blog created by veterinarian Dr. V, with a great mix of funny and serious topics to keep readers educated and all-around entertained.

What are some of your favourite pet blogs? Do tell – sharing is caring!



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