We all bark for ice cream 

This has been such a beautiful long weekend. Steve and I went to our good friends’ wedding, hung out and relaxed with other friends and family, all while enjoying this amazing sunny weather. 

Steve and I don’t get to spend time together very often, maybe once a week or so. When we finally do get to spend more than a day together we take full advantage, making sure we spend lots of time with little Romie. I definitely take the cake in regards to being the crazy dog lady, but Steve always supports my ideas. 

Around 9pm Saturday night, we decided to go for a walk and grab some ice cream. Steve lives in streetsville, and there’s this super cute place called Murphy’s. We walked down with romie, and to our surprise there was this amazing salsa dancing going on. 

We sat for a bit and watched everyone dancing and twirling, they looked like they were having the best time – plus it was so nice to be somewhere so lively. 

We decided to (finally) grab some ice cream – Steve had vanilla, I had chocolate and cookie dough, and Romie had none. 

Steve and Romie enjoying some delicious ice cream. 

A walk in Streetsville square. 

Romie being super happy that he gets to walk around with us. 

Romie pretending he wants to take a picture together. 

Needless to say, it was an awesome end to our day. Romie definitely loves seeing Steve and hanging out together – his smile in these pictures says it all. 

Happy long weekend everyone! 


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