A dog’s life; featuring Cal 

In Romeo’s 11 years of life, he has lived with three cats – I call them his sisters, because why not?

Romeo’s first sister was Bianca, my black cat of 20 years. We put her down a few years ago when she got really sick, which was absolutely devastating for me. I believe it was equally as devastating for my mom, as she acquired Fifi soon after (featured below).

long hair cat

Romeo and Fifi lived together for about a year (maybe more, I can’t quite remember). Naturally, being raised with so many cats has led Romie to having a small identity crisis – I feel like he thinks he’s a cat. He loves to play with them, and can’t handle himself around dogs. I think it’s a sign.

Fast-forward a year when I moved to Toronto to live with my friend Jen. She happened to have a cat named Cal, which I wasn’t concerned about at all since Romeo had cats around his whole life.

The first week of them interacting was terrifying for me because they just wouldn’t get along. Romeo wanted to have everything to do with Cal, and she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him! Who could blame her? This crazy, wild dog came out of nowhere and disrupted her peace.

It’s been over a year now of them living together, and it’s been nothing short of hilarious. Romeo loves Cal and wants to play, and she still pretends like she hates him. Plot twist – Jen and I both think they secretly love each other because we’ve caught them (many times) sleeping on the same bed.

This reminds me so much of the new movie called “the secret life of pets”, the one where all of the animals act quiet while their owners are around, but go insane once they’re gone. It’s absolutely what I imagine happens when Jen and I aren’t home.

In all, I think Romeo is so thrilled to have another cat for a sister. And Cal? I think she secretly loves Romeo and wants to snuggle him all the time when we aren’t home.

cat and dog


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