A dog’s life; featuring Cal 

In Romeo’s 11 years of life, he has lived with three cats – I call them his sisters, because why not?

Romeo’s first sister was Bianca, my black cat of 20 years. We put her down a few years ago when she got really sick, which was absolutely devastating for me. I believe it was equally as devastating for my mom, as she acquired Fifi soon after (featured below).

long hair cat

Romeo and Fifi lived together for about a year (maybe more, I can’t quite remember). Naturally, being raised with so many cats has led Romie to having a small identity crisis – I feel like he thinks he’s a cat. He loves to play with them, and can’t handle himself around dogs. I think it’s a sign.

Fast-forward a year when I moved to Toronto to live with my friend Jen. She happened to have a cat named Cal, which I wasn’t concerned about at all since Romeo had cats around his whole life.

The first week of them interacting was terrifying for me because they just wouldn’t get along. Romeo wanted to have everything to do with Cal, and she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him! Who could blame her? This crazy, wild dog came out of nowhere and disrupted her peace.

It’s been over a year now of them living together, and it’s been nothing short of hilarious. Romeo loves Cal and wants to play, and she still pretends like she hates him. Plot twist – Jen and I both think they secretly love each other because we’ve caught them (many times) sleeping on the same bed.

This reminds me so much of the new movie called “the secret life of pets”, the one where all of the animals act quiet while their owners are around, but go insane once they’re gone. It’s absolutely what I imagine happens when Jen and I aren’t home.

In all, I think Romeo is so thrilled to have another cat for a sister. And Cal? I think she secretly loves Romeo and wants to snuggle him all the time when we aren’t home.

cat and dog


Sunday (BBQ) Funday

Summer grillin’ was in full effect this afternoon at Steve’s place – such a perfect way to take advantage of the beautiful weather this long weekend had to offer! It was a very relaxing day, we had a few drinks and some delicious salmon burgers and ribs.

Steve set up the BBQ with Romeo – his dedicated sidekick. dog and summer BBQ

As you can tell, he was really happy about it, and I’m sure he was the most excited to enjoy the sun. I recently moved to a new place in the city, and we lost our outdoor space (which was such a blessing to have living downtown), so Romie doesn’t get to sit outside and enjoy the sun like he used to.

dog eating food

He even sampled some delicious homemade ribs.

tired dog on the drive home

Needless to say, he was pretty tuckered out on the car ride home – he slept the entire way. Tired pup + full tummies = awesome long weekend.

We all bark for ice cream 

This has been such a beautiful long weekend. Steve and I went to our good friends’ wedding, hung out and relaxed with other friends and family, all while enjoying this amazing sunny weather. 

Steve and I don’t get to spend time together very often, maybe once a week or so. When we finally do get to spend more than a day together we take full advantage, making sure we spend lots of time with little Romie. I definitely take the cake in regards to being the crazy dog lady, but Steve always supports my ideas. 

Around 9pm Saturday night, we decided to go for a walk and grab some ice cream. Steve lives in streetsville, and there’s this super cute place called Murphy’s. We walked down with romie, and to our surprise there was this amazing salsa dancing going on. 

We sat for a bit and watched everyone dancing and twirling, they looked like they were having the best time – plus it was so nice to be somewhere so lively. 

We decided to (finally) grab some ice cream – Steve had vanilla, I had chocolate and cookie dough, and Romie had none. 

Steve and Romie enjoying some delicious ice cream. 

A walk in Streetsville square. 

Romie being super happy that he gets to walk around with us. 

Romie pretending he wants to take a picture together. 

Needless to say, it was an awesome end to our day. Romie definitely loves seeing Steve and hanging out together – his smile in these pictures says it all. 

Happy long weekend everyone! 

Romie’s Summer 2016 must-reads

I’m still new at this dog blog business, but I’ve been a lover of dog/pet blogs for many years. This summer and the months leading up to it I’ve been particularly interested in must-do dog/pet activities around the city of Toronto. Reading various blogs and posts out there is encouraging and enticing, because there’s something super entertaining about reading everyone’s favourite pet adventures and the situations they ultimately find themselves in.

Speaking of adventure, reading these blogs listed below has let us to become more adventurous and creative in blog topics, as well accumulate a list of Romie’s favourite blogs.

Since Romie ultimately decides what he likes and doesn’t like, I give you:
Romie’s Summer 2016 must-reads.

Though not everything in these blogs in specifically related to Toronto or the summertime, we thought they were still worth a share. Be sure to check back because I will be updating this post regularly.

I love my dog more than my kids – This blog provides a ton of useful information from Dog Days of Summer Safety to Adoptable Pet of the Week. Plus – the name of the blog says it all. Dogs and kids are one in the same, right? 🙂

Scruffy dog photography – Some of the most candid and heartwarming photography is animal photography. This blog is an awesome source for capturing your pet’s most adventurous and spontaneous moments, or to simply gaze at some super cute animals.

Momo & Pinot – This super cute look into the lives and adventures of two pups is an easy, light, entertaining read.

Love that pet – There’s tons of really interesting content on this blog; from cute and funny posts to DIY and well-being. It’s definitely a go-to spot for any questions you may have or any fun activities you want to do.

Paw curious – A very engaging pet and lifestyle blog created by veterinarian Dr. V, with a great mix of funny and serious topics to keep readers educated and all-around entertained.

What are some of your favourite pet blogs? Do tell – sharing is caring!


Comfy Cone: an injured dog’s comfiest sleep.


Game-changing, life-changing cone for dogs. I present: The Comfy Cone.

Drumroll please…The most exciting gift I’ve received for Romie, let me tell you. I recently went away on business and brought Romie to stay over at grandma’s (my mom’s). Low and behold – I forgot his cone; the most important accessory in Romie’s closet.

My gem of a mother went out to the store and bought this amazing thing called the Comfy Cone. It’s similar to a regular cone, but so much better. It attaches with velcro and adjusts to any size you need it. It’s super soft to touch and to lay on (I imagine…I’ve never laid on it, but I can confirm that it’s soft to the touch). This is game-changing because it allows your pet the opportunity to heal, yet keeps them safe at the same time.

It also takes away the incredible guilt you feel when you see those sad, cone-shamed puppy eyes glaring back at you. I feel good about putting Romie in the comfy cone because it’s like having his very own pillow, and not be hindered by hard plastic all night. Not to mention, I have the satisfaction of knowing that he won’t be eating his paw overnight – which allows me to worry less.

Some other great things about this cone: it has reflectors in case you need to use it outdoors, it’s easy to clean and wipe down, and conforms to doors so that your pet can get through. It’s also stair-friendly, Romeo approved!

There are tons and tons of benefits to using this cone, but for me it’s about having a safe device that allows my dog to heal, which ultimately is comforting for me because I know he’s not in any pain or discomfort when sleeping.


Some might look at this photo and think he looks super sad, but he’s actually half asleep and loving the fan blowing next to him.

Be sure to check out the amazing benefits of the Comfy Cone and watch the informative videos and awesome “how-to’s.”



Live in Toronto and swing life away

Since Romeo’s paw diagnosis, I made it my mission to make sure the remaining years of his life are the BEST ever. Naturally, this would lead me to think of the most ridiculous adventures to bring him on, and they usually happen when my boyfriend Steve is over, so lets begin!

We went for a walk all together on a beautiful evening right before the summer started. We always let Romeo (Romie, as you’ll notice I call him) run through the grass in the park because it’s pretty much his favourite thing ever. This particular time, I decided that Romie wanted an even more fun adventure – the swing.

Thankful for everyone’s sake of not being embarrassed there was no one in the park at this time. I casually lift Romie up into the swing, and thus began the (actual) best 30 seconds of his life (in my opinion, absolutely not in his).

The following images are the most accurate description of the situation. Initially, Romie was like “okay, this is cool, I can handle this”, but this went downhill rather quickly. See below:

dog in the park
Having so much fun swinging around.


dog in a swing
Is this over yet?


happy puppy
I think we’re done here, let me out.

This was only the beginning of my summertime plans for Romie, he will get SO many delicious treats for being such a cooperative dog. As always, he left with the biggest smile on his face.

This sock was made for walking

…And that’s just what he’ll do…

You’ll notice in many future posts that Romeo wears a sock on the daily. I get a lot of reactions walking down the street from adults like “oh poor little dog, why does he wear a sock?” or “you’re missing the other 3!” (clever – sooo clever)!

Most recently, this two-year-old girl said “look a sock! Why does he have a sock?” And truthfully, when it comes to kids, I usually tell a little white lie so that they don’t feel sad for asking – or better yet – go and ask their parents 1 million questions about something they might not want them to know anything about.

Most common answer: he has a cut.

Actual answer: a small tumour between the pads of his paw.

In September 2014, my family and I discovered a white mass between the pads of his right paw, which was slightly concerning. They ran some test on the substance inside the mass, and confirmed it was a tumour. This was really sad for us, me especially, because I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this tiny, happy little light of my life had a tumour. Did Romeo care? Nope.

My family isn’t one to be overly extensive with surgeries and treatments for animals because it can become extremely costly, but this situation was different. It’s really difficult to stand by and do nothing when the animal is in perfect health otherwise. So the decision was made, he would have a small surgery to remove the mass.

The surgery was completed in record timing (or so I thought), and we brought him home. He looked so funny with a big white bandage around his paw, it looked so similar to a boxing glove. His paw healed rather quickly, the bandage was off, but most importantly: the mass was gone.

Lets fast-forward a year to when he moved to the city with me, we discovered the tumour had come back, but this time more aggressively. It was woven in between the toes of his paw, and inoperable without having to remove a toe or the paw completely (depending on which option we chose). We chose not to operate, as maybe Romeo wouldn’t survive the surgery. Needless to say, I was so devastated. This may seem dramatic to non-animal lovers, or those who don’t understand that kind of bond, but I think my reaction was justified and acceptable. 

I decided that instead of putting Romeo down because of this tumour, I would just manage it until it’s unmanageable. After much trial and error, I came up with the solution of putting a bandage and a sock on him and taping it all up. They even have these cute little balloon contraptions that you can put on top of the sock for when it’s raining. I do this every day, and at first it was a struggle because Romeo didn’t want to cooperate, but now it’s SO worth it because I get to see his smiling face every day.

Cue happy tears:

Happy dog, dog with socks

The major downside? He has to sleep in a cone every night – but it’s still so cute, and he’s still so happy. I just can’t resist posting pictures of him in his cone.

Dog wearing cone